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This year's Salt Lake City mayoral race between Erin Mendenhall and Rocky Anderson is critical for our climate and air quality future.

Salt Lake has a chance to lead Utah in crucial areas, including renewable energy, but we need a leader with the political will and environmental vision to do so.

O₂ Utah and Rural Utah Project sat down with each candidate to learn more about their policies on climate, air quality, water, public lands, and more.

Why didn't O₂ Utah endorse in the Salt Lake City mayoral race?

We feel it is important for you to engage with each candidate and campaign. Ask questions about their climate policies, tell them which issues are important to you, express why or why not you voted for them, and let them know Salt Lake City's mayor must address our air quality issues.

Erin Mendenhall: info [at] erinmendenhall [dot] com
Rocky Anderson: info [at] rocky4mayor [dot] com

Here are the questions (with timestamped responses for each) we posed to each candidate:

Community Renewable Energy Program is a coalition of cities across Utah, including Salt Lake City, that have pledged to achieve net-100% renewable energy by 2030 in their cities. How will you make sure Salt Lake City is able to meet this goal?
(Erin Mendenhall-0:43  Rocky Anderson- 1:17)

How will you help keep other communities in the Community Renewable Energy Program?
(EM-2:48  RA- 4:39)

Would you use the franchise agreement as leverage with Rocky Mountain Power to ensure the success of the Community Renewable Energy Program?
(EM- 4:35 RA- 6:07)

What are your other plans for addressing climate change?
(EM-6:10  RA- 8:17)

What will you do to preserve a
healthy minimum water level of the Great Salt Lake?
(EM- 9:43 RA- 13:20)

America's Red Rock Wilderness Act is a proposal in Congress to protect more than 8 million acres of public land in Utah as wilderness. Do you endorse America's Red Rock Wilderness Act?
(EM-13:29  RA- 17:35)

Many climate scientists agree that we must protect at least 30% of America's land and water by 2030 to prevent ecological collapse. What other actions would you take as mayor to protect public lands across Utah?
(EM-16:13  RA- 20:33)

What will you do to improve air quality?
(EM-20:20  RA- 25:42)

What makes you the best choice for the environment?
(EM-23:55  RA- 27:46)

Take a look and decide for yourself who the best choice is for Salt Lake City.




In addition to the SLC mayoral race, there are a number of important municipal races throughout the Wasatch Front.

O₂ Utah has
endorsed 19 municipal candidates across 11 cities (including Dan Dugan (D6), Ana Valdemoros (D4), and Molly Jones (D7) in Salt Lake City) committed to providing positive environmental outcomes for their constituents.

Like Salt Lake City, these communities, including Cottonwood Heights, Draper, Holladay, Millcreek, Murray, North Salt Lake, Sandy, South Salt Lake, West Valley City, and Ogden, are pivotal in shaping our state's future on climate issues.

Your vote matters for our climate. Use your voice on November 21. 

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