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O₂ Utah's legislative framework, Prosperity 2030, aims to reduce emissions by 50% along the Wasatch Front by 2030.

Prosperity 2030 is a series of bills targeting pollution from transportation, buildings, industrial point sources, and more. 

Why? Air quality along the Wasatch Front is killing us and our economy. On average, we lose 2-5 years of our lives simply by breathing the air of northern Utah, and our economy loses $2 billion annually in direct and indirect impacts from pollution.

We have a responsibility to all Utahns to clean our air.

HB 220

During the 2023 legislative session, we helped pass Phase 1 of Prosperity 2030 — HB 220 (Emissions Reduction Amendments) — into law!

HB 220 sets a standard on halogen emissions from industrial sources, specifically bromine pollution, which increases our winter-time inversion up to 25%. 

HB 220 is a monumental win, and the most impactful piece of air quality legislation passed in the state in decades. 

The Science Behind Prosperity 2030

Isabella Errigo is a BYU graduate and the lead author of "Human Health and Economic Costs of Air Pollution in Utah: An Expert Assessment," the only Utah-specific study on air pollution, its toll on human life, and its cost to our economy. She sat down with our Executive Director, David Garbett, to discuss the harsh reality we're facing and why we need to take action for our families, our friends, our neighbors,
and ourselves.

Prosperity 2030

S.B.188 Energy Efficiency Amendments

During the 2022 legislative session, we helped pass S.B. 188 — Energy Efficiency Amendments.

The bill's two main accomplishments were centered around home appliances and transportation to reduce emissions and improve air quality.

S.B. 188 set a framework for Dominion Energy to work with low-income households on transferring out furnaces and other appliances for lower emissions options.

Additionally, the bill permitted the state to transfer state vehicles to electric or low-emission options if federal funds exist. 

SB 188
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