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O₂ Utah is an environmental nonprofit whose mission is to clean our state’s air and eliminate our contributions to climate change through elections and policy.

Our team is a passionate group of activists and outdoor enthusiasts working to improve environmental outcomes in Utah.

We Choose Clean Air by supporting environmentally-conscious candidates, proposing bold policies, and engaging our community.


Our Team


Our Board
Sarah Lyman

Sarah Lyman

Account Supervisor at Redirect.

Long track record in politics, prefaced by a New York City career in PR.

Passionate skier.

TJ Ellerbeck

TJ Ellerbeck

Executive Director at Rural Utah Project. Political Director for Utah Democratic Party 2015-2017.

Jeffrey Eisenberg.png

Jeffrey Eisenberg

Attorney and partner at Eisenberg, Lowrance, Lundell, Lofgren. Former President of the Brain Injury Alliance of Utah and founder the Utah Democratic Lawyers Council.

David Garbett

David Garbett

O₂ Utah Executive Director. Former Salt Lake City mayoral candidate and attorney.

Molly Hutsinpiller.jpg

Molly Hutsinpiller

O₂ Utah Board Chair. Recently retired. Outdoors as much as possible: skiing, biking, hiking. Figuring out how to give back. 

Peter Metcalf

Peter Metcalf

Lead Co-Founder of Black Diamond Equipment until 2015. Director of Outdoor Industry’s Conservation Alliance, Outdoor Alliance, and American Alpine Club. 

Jamie Henn.jpg

Jamie Henn

Founder and Director of Fossil Free Media.

Co-Founder and previous Strategy and Communications Director at

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