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We are proud to introduce our endorsed candidates for the 2023 municipal cycle. We have identified key competitive races throughout the state and environmental champions for each seat. You can expect to see this list grow as we continue to hand-select candidates who we know are dedicated to cleaning our state's air and maintaining our quality of life.

Dan Dugan.png
Taylor Knuth.png
Adam Hock.png
Natalie Pinkney.png
Collin Larson.png
Marni Lefevre (1).png
Aaron Dekeyzer.png
Jim Bennett.png
Dave Graf (1).png
Ana Valdemoros (1).png
Jordan Davis.png
Ted Knowlton.png
David Rodgers.png
Molly Jones.png
Sophia Hawes-Tingey (1).png
Jen Cottam (2).png
Cheri Jackson.png
Drew Quinn.png

Endorsed candidate eliminated in primary

Angel Castillo.png
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