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How Does $5 Help?

We often get asked, how does $5 help O₂ Utah? We understand it’s difficult to see how a small donation can make a difference.

However, that donation, no matter the amount, means a step toward clean air. Here’s what a $5 donation can do.

O₂ Utah helps get the right people elected to clear our air. With a $5 donation, we can knock 10 doors for air quality champions. Conversations at the doors help inform Utahns about who will take action at the legislature, empowering them to vote and have their voice heard.

With a $10 donation, O₂ Utah can message 30 people, urging them to speak out and hold their local leaders accountable when it matters the most. Through text messaging, we can activate volunteers in communities across the Wasatch Front and pass measures for rooftop solar and renewable energy at the local level.

A $25 donation gives our policy team the time to meet with key legislators for one hour as we build coalitions of support for Prosperity 2030, which will cut emissions in half across the Wasatch Front by 2030. We cannot wait for action, we must push for these measures and your donation can make it happen.

Speaking of key legislators, take a look at our endorsed candidates for this election cycle. Keep in mind, your donations go directly to helping elect these climate champions.

O₂ Utah greatly appreciates donations of any amount. Give what you can and know that you are an air quality champion.

Please consider a donation to O₂ Utah and join the fight for clean air.


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