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October Punchlist

Make Your Voting Plan

Midterm elections are right around the corner. Ballots will be hitting your mailbox soon. There is no better time to make your voting plan.

First off, make sure you're registered. And if you are, double-check to ensure your address and all info is up to date. You can register and update all your info here.

When your ballot arrives, make sure to follow the instructions carefully. If you're returning your ballot by mail, be sure it's postmarked before Election Day — Nov. 8, 2022.

You can also drop your ballot at a drop box or early voting location any time before 8 p.m. on Election Day. Click here for more info and for a list of drop off and voting locations.

Once you have your voting plan in place, who’s worthy of securing your all-important vote?

Take a look at the climate champions we've endorsed.


Upcoming Events

Clean Air Caucus Meeting - Tuesday, October 18 The next bipartisan Clean Air Caucus meeting is set for Tuesday, October 18 from 6:30-8 p.m. Join us along with your senators and representatives in Senate Room 210 for an evening of clean air discussion (and pizza!). Can't make it in person? Click here for more info on how to join virtually. Meeting Agenda: - Utah’s Uniform Building Codes - Electrification of medium and heavy-duty transportation - Health effects of air pollution Twin Peaks Tuesday - Tuesday, October 25 We can’t wait to see everyone at the next Twin Peaks Tuesday on October 25! We’ll meet at 5 p.m. at the Terrace Hills Trailhead. Led by our Development Director, Greg Yerkes, Twin Peaks Tuesdays is an amazing opportunity to come together as a community and enjoy stunning trails we are all lucky enough to call home. Shoot us an email or DM to RSVP! Bikes and Brews - Thursday, October 27 Who’s ready to get spooky at Bikes and Brews? Come dressed to impress in your Halloween costumes on Thursday, October 27. We’ll meet at Kiitos (608 West 700 S) at 6:30 p.m. before biking to Fisher (320 W 800 S) and finishing the night at a third brewery to be announced soon. Stay tuned! Follow us on social to stay up to date with all of our community events!


Policy Updates

There’s a lot happening in the policy world locally, nationally, and internationally. This month, we want to point your attention to a relatively quiet, but important issue happening in our backyard — Great Salt Lake US Magnesium Public Comment Period. We continue to monitor and engage with issues related to the Great Salt Lake. Thanks to researchers and scientists, we now understand the serious air quality impacts further water loss poses to the Wasatch Front. On Wednesday, October 19, the Division of Water Quality will hold a public hearing on the State of Utah’s intention to issue US Magnesium, a Section 401 Water Quality Certification, for the extension of two intake canals in Gilbert Bay on the Great Salt Lake as the lake’s current low levels does not allow their canals to reach the lake. US Magnesium is one of the top air polluters in the country and their permit approval would result in less water, more lakebed toxins, and more air pollution along the Wasatch Front. Please join the public hearing on Wednesday, October 19 at 6 p.m. at the Division of Water Quality or submit a public comment ahead of the October 27 deadline to Check out a great resource, US Magnesium Public Comment Toolkit, here.


Staff Updates

We’re very excited to announce our very own Bronti DeRoche and Travis Suite will be taking on new challenges and positions within O₂ Utah! Bronti is now O₂’s Community Outreach Director while Travis has taken over as Political Director. Bronti and Travis play integral roles in O₂’s day-to-day workings with our endorsed candidates and grassroots efforts to help elect climate champions throughout the state. O₂ Utah is pleased to welcome our new Communications Director, Eli Davis, as well as our two new interns, Grace von Mettenheim and Mary Eargle. Grace is set to graduate from Westminster College this year and Mary joins the team after working with Save Our Canyons and continues to help with Seven Canyons Trust. Grace and Mary are focusing on the election demands of canvassing, community calls, and policy research. We are so glad to have them with us throughout the election season. Eli has called Utah home for six years after growing up in Baltimore and graduating from the University of Maryland with a journalism degree. He comes to O₂ with PR, marketing, and social media experience in the agency world, non-profit outdoor space, and with the NBA's Utah Jazz. Joining in the heart of election season, Eli is already hard at work amplifying the voices of all of our climate champions.


Hit the Trails, Give $5

As you continue to soak up the beautiful fall weather and hit the trails for a hike, bike ride, or run, take a look over the valley. Our goal is to have those views pristine and the air clear. We're working hard to elect air quality leaders who will make Utah the best place to live. But we can't do it without you. So when you hit the trails over the next few weeks, would you consider donating $5 to O₂ Utah? If our amazing group of supporters attach $5 to just a few activities, we'll be able to make a huge difference for our great state.


Staff Recs

Greg is eating...

"Curry Fried Chicken. I love me a shawarma and fried chicken. This place is great. Not a chain (that I know of), solid food, and a good price. Close to downtown and the State Room, its location (660 S State St.) provides easy access to the street eats you didn’t know you needed."

Travis is listening...

"The Rich Roll Podcast: A Tribute to Hilaree Nelson. An amazing look into the life of one of the worlds greatest ski-mountaineers and adventure athletes. Hilaree tragically passed away a few weeks ago while summiting one of the tallest peaks in the world."

Bronti is gazing...

"The Aspen Tree. Go take a look at one during the fall…they are pretty neat."

Eliza is mountain biking...

"9K Trail. Catch the leaves before they’re gone! Last weekend, I rode 9K to Crest to Pinecone and it was the absolute best way to celebrate this fall weather!"

David is eating...

"Vegan Elote. Next time you have corn on the cob–after steaming or grilling–try slathering Follow Your Heart Vegenaise (original or grapeseed are best) followed by sprinkling with some Tapatio hot sauce and salt. You’ll never go back."

Eli is watching...

"Survivor 43. Anyone else L-I-V-I-N with Cody? What a player, just lying through his teeth, you gotta respect it. Not sure if I’m a fan of the new beware advantage idols. Call me an old soul, but I miss the days of exile island and immunity idol clues."


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