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2024 Primary Election Update

Updated on Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Thank you to everyone who voted in this year’s primary election and participated in the campaign process. This year’s election cycle is critical for our air quality, climate, public lands, and democracy. 

And a special thank you to all of our amazing volunteers and supporters for their hard work canvassing, texting, and making phone calls to encourage their fellow citizens to vote. On Election Day alone, we made over 2,500 phone calls encouraging our fellow Utahns to vote. 

Although races will be certified on July 9, we want to provide an update on where things stand with O₂ Utah-endorsed candidates, candidates we supported, and a few key races we are keeping an eye on. Remember, many of these races and outcomes could still change! We’ll have another update when the results are official.

Unfortunately, the following candidates are currently trailing in their respective races: Joel Briscoe (House District 24), Lisa Dean (House District 39), Jeff Howell (House District 23), and Emily Lockhart (House District 22).

We are excited to see Tracy Miller (House District 45) and Dave Shallenberger (House District 58), two candidates the O₂ Utah team supported, in line to win. 

Christine Watkins (House District 67) is in a tight race that is too close to call at the moment. The same goes for Turner Bitton (Salt Lake City School Board, D2).

Although we have not endorsed since the convention in the Salt Lake County Council At-Large race, we want to congratulate Natalie Pinkney on securing the nomination.

Additionally, Logan Monson (House District 69) is in a close race. Although O₂ Utah endorsed Davina Smith in that race, Logan would be a significant step in the right direction on the Republican ticket, rather than his opponent Lynn Jackson, a scary idealogue.

The majority of our endorsed candidates did not have a primary and are already preparing for November’s general election. This list includes Andrew Stoddard (House District 40), Tyler Clancy (House District 60), Patrick Belmont (House District 3), Jen Dailey-Provost (House District 22), Sahara Hayes (House District 32), Karen Kwan (Senate District 12), Rosemary Lesser (House District 10), Verona Mauga (House District 31), Zach Robinson (Salt Lake County Council, D6), Ross Romero (Salt Lake County Council, D4), Davina Smith (House District 69), Alissa Van Langeveld (Senate District 8), and Jessica Wignall (House District 39).

Regardless of the final outcome, we are proud of all of our candidates, the hard work they put into their races, and their dedication to their constituents and our environment.

Stay tuned for another update soon as more votes are tallied and results are finalized!


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