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May Punchlist

2023 Legislative Report Card

The grades (and awards) are in! How did your representatives vote on environmental bills during the 2023 legislative session? Check out our legislative report card.

We graded each member of the House and Senate based on how they voted on 36 bills related to air quality, clean energy, water conservation, transportation, and homes and buildings.

In true yearbook fashion, we also handed out superlative awards to highlight environmental champions on the Hill and lawmakers who are not voting with their constituents' health and future in mind.

  • MVPs: Sen. Kirk Cullimore and Rep. Andrew Stoddard

  • Rising Star: Rep. Tyler Clancy

  • Step Forward: Sen. Nate Blouin

  • Step Back: Rep. Quinn Kotter

  • The Bad MVP (Most Valuable for Polluters): Rep. Ken Ivory

The legislative report card grading process provides our community with a clear environmental voting track record of elected officials and a tool to hold them accountable during future elections.

Municipal Election Candidate Endorsements

Electoral involvement is critical as we fight for clean air and a healthy future. The relationships we build during campaigns, and the leaders we ultimately elect, lead to visionary policy and improved environmental outcomes in Utah.

Our first endorsement of the 2023 municipal cycle: Katie Matheson for Ogden City Council At-Large B.

Katie prioritizes green space and clean air and is the perfect candidate to help lead Ogden into an environmentally-friendly future. Give Katie a follow and visit to learn more about her campaign.

O₂ Utah will be heavily involved in municipal elections throughout the state — be on the lookout for more endorsements coming soon and stay tuned for ways you can volunteer during the election cycle.

Upcoming Events

Wilkes Climate Summit — May 16-17

We’re excited to attend the inaugural Wilkes Climate Summit at the University of Utah beginning today. The two-day event brings together leading policymakers, scientists, and innovators to discuss climate change solutions.

Online registration is closed but if you were lucky enough to secure a seat, we’ll see you there!

Ogden Action Day — May 25

We’re kicking off the municipal election cycle with Ogden Action Day on Thursday, May 25. Get involved early in the mayoral race as we knock doors and canvass for our future air quality leaders.

Our team has interviewed a number of impressive mayoral candidates and will be announcing our officially endorsed candidate shortly.

We’ll meet at Jefferson Park (3302 Grant Ave, Ogden, UT 84401) at 6 p.m. and prep you with everything you need to speak with your fellow citizens.

Twin Peaks — June 6

Twin Peaks Tuesday is making its triumphant return on June 6! Join us at Terrace Hills Trailhead at 6:30 p.m. for an evening hike to enjoy the trails and learn about opportunities to take action for clean air.

Field Organizer Internships

Join our team this summer! We're hiring two interns to assist with day-to-day field operations for the upcoming election cycle.

Candidates should be interested in political campaigning, community organizing, activism, and/or environmental policy, and comfortable interacting with the public to promote air quality and environmental awareness.

Check out the full job description and apply today!

To apply, please send your resume to with the subject line "o2 Utah Field Organizer"


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