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Election Day Recap

Updated on November 22

Now that all votes have been counted and each race is finalized, we wanted to provide a brief update from our Election Day recap.

Initial results held true, meaning Rosemary Lesser, Mark Wheatley, and Suzanne Harrison have officially won their respective seats. That brings the total to 28 candidates we endorsed, worked closely with, or supported through the Fresh Air PAC who won their race.

Unfortunately, Clare Collard and Elizabeth Weight lost very close races to their incumbent challengers.

Once again, we want to congratulate all of our candidates on commendable campaign efforts and thank everyone for their time and effort throughout the election cycle.


Updated on November 9

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s election. Your vote is the key for a healthy future of clean air across the Wasatch Front.

And a special thank you to all of our amazing volunteers and supporters for their hard work canvassing, texting, and making phone calls to encourage their fellow citizens to vote. Yesterday alone, we made over 2,000 calls!

Although races across the state are still being finalized — Salt Lake County alone has huge numbers of ballots left to count — we want to give you an early update and progress report. But, again, with the important disclaimer that many of these races and outcomes could still change!

We’ll have another update tomorrow and a final report in two weeks when results are official.

We are optimistic for a number of candidates we endorsed, worked closely with, or supported through the Fresh Air PAC: Kirk Cullimore, Andrew Stoddard, Ashlee Matthews, Stephanie Pitcher, Sahara Hayes, Jim Dunnigan, Sarah Reale, Carol Spackman Moss, Ann Milner, Nate Blouin, Melissa Garff Ballard, Lannie Chapman, Brian King, Karen Kwan, Doug Owens, Sandra Hollins, Karen Mayne, Angela Romero, Gay Lynn Bennion, Sim Gill, Jeff Stenquist, Steve Eliason, Dan Johnson, Norm Thurston, and Jefferson Moss.

Rosemary Lesser, Mark Wheatley, and Suzanne Harrison are all currently in races that are too close to call, but it is looking very positive for them.

Also in really tight races, though currently behind, are Clare Collard and Elizabeth Weight.

Additionally, we want to congratulate our friends who ran in uncontested races: Paul Cutler, Susan Pulsipher, Joel Briscoe, Ray Ward, Jen Dailey-Provost, Jen Plumb, Daniel Thatcher, Keith Grover, Jerry Stevenson, and Jon Hawkins.

Unfortunately, some of our climate and air champions may not be moving on. These gaps may be too big to overcome. We applaud Davina Smith, Hope Goeckeritz, Yvette Romero, Fatima Dirie, Katie Olson, Steve Handy, Patrick Belmont, Daniel Friend, and Audryn Damron for great campaign efforts and standing up for our future.

Again, there are still votes to be counted but this is the election picture so far. Stay tuned for more results throughout the week!


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